NIEUWS - Brochure Portfolio Spectra Precision 2013-2014

De nieuwe portfolio brochure van Spectra Precision is nu verkrijgbaar. In deze brochure is de complete portfolio van landmeetkundige systemen van Spectra Precision overzichtelijk te bekijken. Naast alle GPS/GNSS produkten vindt u ook alle informatie over TPS/Total stations en de Nikon serie. Wilt u meer informatie? Vul dan het contactformulier in en ontvang nadere produkt- en prijsinformatie.

ProMark - Epoch - Focus - Nivo

FOCUS series (Robotic) Total Station

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PRODUKTEN - ProMark700

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ProMark 700 GNSS receiver is the lightest network RTK rover on the market today. Very compact, slim and cable-free, ProMark 700 is portable, ergonomic and comfortable for all-day use in the field. Its long-lasting battery allows all-day operation without the need for battery recharging or replacement. And thanks to the extremely rugged, shock-proof and waterproof design, ProMark 700 withstands the most extreme outdoor conditions.

The lightest RTK rover on the market
ProMark 700 is the most lightweight dual-frequency, dual-constellation network RTK rover, featuring 220 channels to take advantage of all available signals. Its reliability, proven GNSS technology and built-in wireless connectivity makes ProMark 700 a powerful solution suitable for any network RTK application.
Built for the field...

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Very lightweight, compact and cable-free, ProMark 700 is designed for comfortable use in the field. The ultra-rugged, shock-resistant and waterproof design supports a very wide temperature range, allowing the receiver to be used in all outdoor conditions. ProMark 700 features an all-day battery, ensuring surveyors a full working day on a single charge.

Easy-to-use, easy-to-own
Thanks to its simple interface and ready-to-use configuration, ProMark 700 is very easy to operate. The absence of any unnecessary or rarely used modules or features makes this product accessible for your whole work-force. The affordable ProMark 700 is not only easy to purchase, but also easy to own, providing surveyors with a cost-effective and simple solution.

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